Wireless System For Disaster Operations

Wireless system for disaster operations

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities

During disasters, it is crucial to communicate vital information, such as medical needs, data on casualties or missing persons' identities.…

Mobile Water Treatment System

Mobile water treatment system

Clean Water & Sanitation, Sustainable Cities & Communities

On-grid or off-grid communities without sufficient drinking water can use this system to disinfect water. The system contains a series…

Solar-powered Aquaponics Systems

Solar-powered aquaponics systems

Sustainable Cities & Communities

In poor remote areas where there are no electricity, families can still grow their own food. With the use of…

Ateneo Launches E-jeepney Shuttle

Ateneo launches e-jeepney shuttle

Affordable & Clean Energy

As part of the Ateneo de Manila University’s mobility initiatives, the University and Meralco recently launched the eJeep service, which provides a more sustainable mode of transportation within the campus.

Flood And Hazard Maps Produced Using LIDAR

Flood and hazard maps produced using LIDAR

Climate Action

The Phil-LiDAR 1 Program, aims to produce 3-D flood and hazard maps for two-thirds of the Philippines’ river systems.

PH Microsatellite A Step Closer To Launch

PH microsatellite a step closer to launch

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

The Philippines’ Diwata microsatellite has been formally handed to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) on Wednesday, January 13, in preparation for a launch into space by April.