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Ateneo launches e-jeepney shuttle

Ateneo Launches E-jeepney Shuttle

As part of the Ateneo de Manila University’s mobility initiatives, the University and Meralco recently launched the eJeep service, which provides a more sustainable mode of transportation within the campus. Also launched was the accompanying eVehicle Power Station located near Gate 2 of the Loyola Heights campus.

Ateneo is the first private institution to partner with Meralco for their eVehicle and power station projects. Meralco subsidiary MServ is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the shuttles and power charging station.

Meralco Vice President and Head of Customer Solutions and Product Development Mr. Jose Antonio Valdez said that the eJeeps are efficient in terms of economics, elongation of the travel capability, and environmental impact. The eJeeps run at a cost of Php 4.70 per kilometer, almost 50% lower than a regular car would cost to run. They are also 100% carbon free. The Ateneo eJeep fleet consists of 4 vehicles.

“The Ateneo campus is a visible, wonderful opportunity to showcase an electric vehicle ecosystem, with electric shuttles and electric vehicle charging station maybe later on, we’ll be showcasing electric bicycles and a charging station,” Valdez said.

Ateneo de Manila University President Fr Jett Villarin SJ said during the launch that the eJeeps signify that we are now ready for a more sustainable mode of transportation.

“Looking at the nitty-gritty, the realities of the power situation, I do believe that this is something that can address a very important issue which is climate change. And hopefully someday, we can actually also vary our power mix so that we will be less dependent on carbon at least for our growth,” Villarin said.

He also expressed the hope that this kind of initiative would be implemented outside the Ateneo.

“I hope this is something we could replicate in other parts of the country and in the region,” Villarin said.

Source: ADMU website

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