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Mobile water treatment system

Mobile Water Treatment System

On-grid or off-grid communities without sufficient drinking water can use this system to disinfect water. The system contains a series of filters and ultraviolet irradiation. In the absence of enough water pressure, a do-it-yourself PVC pump can be used to push water thru a sediment filter, activated carbon and ion-exchange resin. Water passes through a disinfection lamp where all biological contaminants are killed. The lamp is powered by an ordinary car battery which can be charged by grid, solar panel, or any battery stores. All components can be accessed off-the-shelf. For greater mobility, the system can be placed in a small bike, trolley, or backpack. Through this, deployment is easier especially to difficult-to-reach areas. Families can be encouraged to harvest rainwater. Then this system can go around the community and offer to disinfect water and make it potable for a minimal fee. It can also be done through a cooperative system to sustain this project.

The system has been featured in the Philippine Star [], and in the Philippine Daily Inquirer []

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