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Solar-powered aquaponics systems

Solar-powered Aquaponics Systems

In poor remote areas where there are no electricity, families can still grow their own food. With the use of solar energy, stored in a battery that power a water pump, water circulates from the fish tank to an elevated plant grow-bed. This symbiotic process cleans the water of aquatic excretions, aerate it and keep it more liveable for fish. At the same time, the same water provides nutrients the plants need for growth. Small communities can feed themselves or help each other thru a cooperative by selling or preserving the harvested fish and vegetables.

Agroponics systems are currently popular in some households in Rizal province and in the Lake Palakpakin area in San Pablo, Laguna, where the innovation has been introduced. However, the Ateneo Innovation Center hopes that the use of this system can be spread to more urban households.

In collaboration with computing engineering students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, a mobile monitoring system with an automatic fish feeder was also developed in 2014.

More information on this system can be gathered from A report by students on a visit to the Lake Palakpakin site where the aquaponics system is utilized can be found in

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