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Wireless system for disaster operations

Wireless System For Disaster Operations

During disasters, it is crucial to communicate vital information, such as medical needs, data on casualties or missing persons’ identities. A communication facility can be obtained during disaster even if grid power or communication lines or cellphone signals are down. Smart wireless systems such as radio-based sensors can be installed as back-up communication system. Aside from that, wireless systems can also be used for rain rate and rain mapping, fish kills or aquaculture and agriculture monitoring for more timely and effective interventions. Another use could be for advanced assessment of patients by sending pictures of injuries or medical documents or images to allow faster and effective medical interventions when the patients arrive in the hospital. Transmission of text or image through radio transceivers or walkie-talkie coupled with energy hubs that do not go down (which is composed of pedal-driven alternator, solar panel, fuel-powered generator and any micro-wind or hydro generators) is also possible. Remote clinics in container vans can also be pre-positioned in disaster-prone areas.

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