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Our goals
Promotion of the SDGs as the accepted international framework for development planning and investment over the next 15 years.
Application of an integrated, participatory, multisectoral approach for tackling complex problems such as poverty, food security, disaster risk and climate change.
Participation in a global network of knowledge institutions, each of which is also networked nationally and regionally, while dedicated to sustainable development.
Our objectives
  1. Undertake deeper diagnosis and prioritisation of the sustainable development challenges facing the country.
  2. Increase public and political awareness of these challenges, and the SDGs, more broadly.
  3. Provide a platform for organisations to share experience and resources, both within the Philippines and internationally.
  4. Improve sustainable development education at multiple levels, including high school and college levels.
  5. Strengthen means of implementation/delivery and related monitoring by Government, Academe, Business, and CSO.
  6. Partner with and engage the youth and other sectors towards the achievement of the SDGs.
  7. Mobilise resources for innovative, high-potential Solutions Initiatives.
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