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SDSN Philippines Welcomes Its New Chair

In SDSN Philippines' most recent Leadership Council Meeting, the network welcomed its new Chair, Dr. Charlotte Kendra Gotangco Gonzales, succeeding Dr. Assunta Cuyegkeng. Dr. Gonzales is an Associate Professor of…

SDSN-PH General Assembly

  • Published on 25 June 2021
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SDSN-PH's next General Assembly on the network's updates on its recent and upcoming initiatives and possible actions to undertake regarding matters concerning these, it's current members, and statements from the…

Conference on climate change

  • Published on 1 April 2016
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Sustainable development through community engagement: the case for the SDGs

The mineral resources of many developing countries have been viewed as a potential capital that can finance initiatives for sustainable development. However, in the Philippines, mining has never been an agent of development. Instead the decades-long operations of large-scale mining companies in the country have not made any noticeable dent on the fiscal health of the country.

SDSN Philippines Launch – August 3, 2015

In 2012, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon launched the SDSN in order to mobilize global scientific and technological expertise that will undertake practical problem solving for sustainable development. SDSN supports…

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